1. Oxygen Concentration of O2 Concentrator

Many people confuse the oxygen concentration of the O2 concentrator with the oxygen absorption concentration, thinking that they are the same conceptual content. In fact, they are completely different. The oxygen concentration of the O2 concentrator refers to the oxygen content, which is the purity of the oxygen output from the O2 concentrator. The oxygen concentration of different O2 concentrators is also different. In order to ensure the long-term application and therapeutic effect, it is recommended to choose an O2 concentrator that reaches the oxygen concentration standard of 93% 3 specified by our country.


2. The Maximum Oxygen Output of O2 Concentrator

Many people don't know what 1L oxygen concentrator, 3L oxygen concentrator, and 5L oxygen concentrator mean. In fact, that is the maximum oxygen flow per minute that the O2 concentrator can provide under the premise of ensuring oxygen concentration. When the regulated flow rate exceeds the maximum oxygen output flow rate, the oxygen concentration will decrease, and the effect of oxygen absorption will also decrease, or even have no effect. On the premise of meeting the national standard of oxygen concentration of 93% 3, according to the maximum oxygen output of the O2 concentrator, it can be divided into 1L, 3L, 5L, 8L, 9L, 10L, etc. as reference standards, to define the suitable crowd and performance of the O2 concentrator:

The maximum oxygen output of a 5L oxygen concentrator can reach 5L/min when the oxygen concentration reaches the standard. It is suitable for patients with cardiopulmonary functional diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cor pulmonale).

10L O2 concentrator is mainly used for special patients with high oxygen flow and long-term oxygen inhalation. Generally, this kind of patient can't get out of oxygen for a long time, so with this O2 concentrator, it is time-consuming and laborious to repeatedly fill oxygen cylinders every few days.

The effective oxygen concentration in a patient's lungs is determined by the oxygen flow rate and the corresponding oxygen concentration of the O2 concentrator. If it is used for therapeutic purposes, it is recommended to purchase an O2 concentrator with an oxygen content of not less than 3L. For patients who need ltot, it is recommended to use an O2 concentrator with not less than 5L, which not only has a large adjustable range but also can give a relatively high oxygen flow rate. More importantly, it can ensure long-term oxygen supply and the oxygen concentration can be stabilized at over 90%, so as to achieve a good therapeutic purpose, especially for patients who need to be treated with a household noninvasive ventilator at the same time.