Doing oxygen therapies can be useful to improve our skin condition.

1. Oxygen Concentrator for Beauty

Why do models and celebrities always seem to have smooth skin? Why they haven't changed a bit even though they are older? The answer is a special oxygen concentrator.

The special oxygen concentrator consists of an oxygen concentrator and a sprayer nozzle or oxygen mask. People utilize sprayer nozzles to offer pure oxygen to the skin of the face, neck, and body, accelerating metabolism and removing wrinkles.

2. Hyperbaric chamber for Beauty

Aging has many factors. Pollution, sun exposure, physical injury, drugs, and alcohol cause premature aging. In 2020 Israeli scientists published a clinical trial in《Aging》demonstrates the effects of HBOT on delaying aging. HBOT is an effective method slow aging and improve skin situation through vitalizing cellular repair capacity and increasing collagen production to improve oxygen utilization in the body.