The oxygen concentrator is an electronic device that removes nitrogen from room air by PSA principles, increasing the oxygen concentration to above 90%; widely used by patients and old people who require long-term oxygen. The oxygen concentrator  machine has become smaller, lighter and more functional, easier, and even more portable to bring outdoors these years. 

Canta Medical is a leading oxygen generator machine manufacturer based in China, specializing in the development and production of various types of oxygen concentrator products. As one of the most reputable oxygen concentrator companies, Canta Medical is committed to providing high-quality oxygen concentrator products and services to its customers worldwide.Whether you need a portable oxygen concentrator for home use or a high-capacity oxygen concentrator for a hospital or clinic, Canta Medical has the right product for you.

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Types of Oxygen Concentrators Products

Factors Considered in Oxygen Concentrator Design

  • Factor 1

    Oxygen concentrator shells are made of ABS plastics because these materials have excellent impact, chemical and abrasion resistance.

  • Factor 2

    We have developed a better electric control valve to ensure that the oxygen output of the oxygen machine is accurate, stable, and consumes less power.

  • Factor 3

    We make the capacity of the molecular sieve beds and compressor larger than it has to be, it increase the performance and lifetime of the device.

How Does An Oxygen Concentrator Machine Work?

How Does An Oxygen Concentrator Machine Work?

An oxygen concentrator concludes air filter elements, which are called molecular sieves. The molecular sieves can absorb nitrogen but do not absorb oxygen so we use the molecular sieve to filter air and get high-purity oxygen. The air from the oxygen concentrator has 90 to 95 percent pure oxygen and 5 to 10 percent nitrogen. For the purpose of cosuming enriched oxygen through medical device, oxygen concentrator would be a good choice.

Oxygen Concentrator vs Oxygen Tank

Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is a machine to file out nitrogen from the air and provides high-purity oxygen. Compared with oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrators are lighter and more convenient, and easier to use. Oxygen concentrators will give a reliable source of oxygen for customers.

Oxygen Tank

Oxygen Tank

An oxygen concentrator and an oxygen tank are not the same things. An oxygen tank is a metal tank containing pressurized oxygen. 

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