• oxygen concentrator stationary
  • oxygen concentrator stationary

60L Oxygen Concentrator


High flow oxygen generator. For use with large oxygen delivery equipment. Such as industrial oxygen equipment, fish pond oxygenation equipment. If your equipment is oversized and requires a higher flow oxygen generator, we can customize it for you.

Main Features of 60L Oxygen Concentrator

  • Ultra-high flow oxygen generator.

  • An excellent choice for industrial oxygen plants.

  • Oxygenation of fish ponds, the best choice for ozone purification.

  • The equipment can be customized with a variety of models for more ways of use.

The Excellence Of The HG60 Oxygen Concentrator

60L oxygen generators are widely used in industrial fields.

You are a worker in the fields of ozone manufacturing, metallurgical combustion, chemical industry, environmental protection, building materials, light industry, medical treatment, aquaculture, biotechnology, sewage treatment, etc. This 60L oxygen generator is very suitable for your industry.

Medical use of 60L oxygen machine

It is very suitable for the oxygen generator filled with oxygen cylinders. The small flow oxygen generator has insufficient horsepower and takes a long time to flush the bottle. This 60L oxygen generator can be specially used for filling oxygen cylinders with a bottle-flushing pressurization system.

60L Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

Product Name:60L Oxygen Concentrator
Flow Rate:0-60L/min
Working Voltage:AC
Power Consumption:≤4000W
Outlet Pressure:0.04-0.08Mpa
Noise Level:≤70dB
Color:Grey (Accept customization)

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