• inflatable hyperbaric oxygen chamber 680
  • inflatable hyperbaric oxygen chamber 680

Wheelchair Type Soft Hyperbaric Chamber

This chamber is designed for some people in wheelchairs. We provide boards to the chambers to prop up wheelchairs.

Main Features of Wheelchair Type Soft Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Large transparent windows

  • Two-side pressure gauge

  • Emergency valve

  • 2 zippers

  • 93% oxygen purity

  • Sitting is more convenient for certain types of people

  • Both adults and children can use it flexibly

  • For those looking for space, you can either lie down or sit up

Wheelchair Type Soft Hyperbaric Chamber Specifications

Product TypeChamber Capsule
Pressure:1.3ATA(4 psi)
Color:White/Blue/accept OEM color
Installation:Install the frame inside the chamber/External mounts can also be customized/
Viewing Windows:Big viewing window over the chamber, the two on the left and right of the chamber
Packing Accessories:Chamber cover
Foldable armchair
Oxygen headset
Internal+External pressure meter
Anti-roll bolster

Control unit:(Oxygen Concentrator/Air Compressor)
Oxygen Flow Rate:5L/min upgrade available for 10L/min

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