• home oxygen filling systems
  • home oxygen filling systems

HG20 Oxygen Filling System

This product adopts the principle of a PSA Oxygen Generator and can be operated under a normal atmosphere.

It is based on molecular sieves' selective adsorption of nitrogen from the air and can continuously generate gas oxygen with 

a purity of 90-95% at ambient temperature and the adsorbed nitrogen can be desorbed by 

decreasing the adsorbed bed pressure resulting in cyclical adsorption-description operation.

Main Features of HG20 Oxygen Filling System

  • Its installation is simple and easy and does not need special-trained personnel to operate. 

  • Simple process and less equipment, high automation;

  • Quick starting and easy stopping; 

  • Low working pressure and safety;

  • Good flexibility. The purity and output of oxygen can be easily adjusted;

  • Suitable for the field needing oxygen purity<95% 

Advantages of HG20 Oxygen Filling System

  • Dry, clean, and oil-free

  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective

  • Small size and lightweight, easy to operate

  • Efficient filling: 3 hours to fill a 10-litter cylinder

  • High compression ratio up to 138 Bar (2000psi/13.8 Mpa)

  • Separately use or expand into a larger system to meet the demand for a large amount of oxygen consumption 

HG20 Oxygen Filling System Specifications

Oxygen Producing System Model :HG20
Flow Rate:0-20L/min(adjustable)
Working Voltage:220/110V±10% 50/60Hz±1
Outlet Pressure:0.04-0.08Mpa
Noise Level:≤62dB
Dimension of device:800*420*705mm(L*W*H)
Net Weight:75kg
Gross Weight:96kg
Carton Size:870*480*750mm
IP classification:IP21

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