• oxygen generator for sale
  • oxygen generator for sale

10m³/30m³/50m³/100m³/hour Oxygen Generator System

Compared with traditional oxygen absorbing methods, diffusion oxygen generation indoor can increases oxygen value in a circled range. Under such condition, oxygen index in human body will be improved directly. Free from breathing masks or nasal cannula, unawareness, much more convenient and comfortable than before. What's more, such way can provide oxygen indoor 24 hours continuously, so that people can work and rest in an oxygen-rich environment.

Large hospital oxygen supply equipment. It can supply oxygen to 100+ hospital beds at the same time when used with the equipment belt.

Main Features of 10m³/30m³/50m³/100m³/hour Oxygen Generator System

There is a special feature of this machine. Container shipping can be customized. Connect power to ground to use.

Advanced internal component

Considering several problems, such as molecular sieve pulverization caused by high-speed airflow, valve leakage and stuck caused by powdered powder entering the pipeline and valve. The unique technological process of advanced internal component (the only technology in Chinese domestic) is adopted, to improve the efficiency greatly.

The equipment can reach to world leading level (air: oxygen = 10:1), this record has not been broken at the moment. High-efficiency molecular sieve filling technology

When filling molecular sieve to the container, with the help of frequent and high-pressure gas, stacked state will definitely become tighter and denser.

CANTA Medical adopt unique high-efficiency molecular sieve filling technology, use special compression device, to make improvement.

Advantage: working 24-7

The plateau area is cold in winter, distributed oxygen supply system works in an environment above 0°c; the automatic control system, the whole machine is unmanned and unattended, and runs automatically all day long.

Advantage: stable system

The compressors that provides the air source has a backup. When one of the units fails and shuts down, the backup will be triggered, and ensure the system still operating.

Advantages of 10m³/30m³/50m³/100m³/hour Oxygen Generator System

Pipeline security

The pipelines of the distributed oxygen supply system are all operated with air, not pure oxygen, so transportation safety is improved greatly.

Pipeline material selection

The distributed oxygen supply system use non- stainless steel or non-copper materials, such as PE.PPR etc., such materials can transport air, water, and so on, it can reduce the cost of pipeline greatly.

Pipeline construction cost

There is nothing special such as metal welding, in order to reduce the difficult of construction and cost.

Maintenance cost

The molecular sieve replacement cycle of distributed oxygen supply system is more than 10 years. Molecular sieves are not replaced all at once, but by several times.

10m³/30m³/50m³/100m³/hour Oxygen Generator System Specifications

Oxygen production Nm3/h:10
Purity:93% ±3
Outlet pressure Mpa:0.1-0.6
Operating power KW:20
beds supply No.:1-200
Floor area m2:25

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