• portable oxygen generators for sale
  • portable oxygen generators for sale

0.4mpa (4 Bar) Oxygen Concentrator

CANTA 0.4Mpa oxygen concentrator combines high pressure with high flow to create a premium oxygen concentrator. It is uniquely designed to meet different demands in different areas.

Main Features of 0.4mpa(4 Bar) Oxygen Concentrator

  • Adjustable 1-20 Liters continuous flow, advanced PSA technology, high accuracy flow meter

Advantages of 0.4 Mpa Oxygen 

  • High pressure 

  • The quiet operation noise level

  • Essential safety alarms

  • Stable performance of continuous oxygen supply

  • Efficient bed sieves, fast oxygen production, high concentration long service life

0.4mpa(4 Bar) Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

Product Name:0.4mpa(4 Bar) Oxygen Concentrator
Flow Rate:1-20L/min
Function:Power failure alarm; Over Heat Alarm;
Feature:Timing function, Working hours display.
Warranty:2 years
Noise Level:≤70dB.

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