Oxygen equipment can be used for sports training or healing after injured during sports.

1. Oxygen Concentrator for Sports

Nowadays, an oxygen concentrator is a common device to enhance athletic performance. Because of high-intensity training, most athletes do not respire enough oxygen, their bodies will produce a lot of lactic acid and other metabolic products, which will affect the next day's training if not broken down quickly. So many professional and top-tier athletes like using oxygen concentrators to increase the metabolization of lactic acid and improve training effectiveness.

2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Athletes

HBOT is a common treatment in the worldwide athletic area. Many athletes used HBOT to treat their sports injuries and eliminate fatigue such as Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron Raymone James, etc.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber has a multitude of profits for athletes, including:  

  • Increasing energy

  • Better sleep

  • Eliminating fatigue

  • Increasing wound healing

  • Repairing bone tissue strain