An oxygen generator system is a device that utilizes pressure swing adsorption(PSA), a kind of specialized selective adsorption technology, to separate oxygen from compressed air. 

Types of Oxygen Generator Systems

Usage of Oxygen Generator System

  • Increase oxygen content

    The oxygen generator system can enhance the oxygen content of the air in the place which can relieve fatigue, enhance the body force, and improve the state.

  • Industrial combustion

    High-purity oxygen has a combustion-supporting function, which meets the need of manufacturing to melt metals.

  • Improve disease

    Some hospitals install oxygen generator systems to increase the oxygen level in the patient's body and improve diseases related to oxygen deficiency.

How Does An Oxygen Generator System Work?

How Does An Oxygen Generator System Work?

An oxygen generator system utilizes zeolite molecular sieves to separate oxygen and nitrogen. The oxygen contained in the compressed air flows through the zeolite molecular sieve which retains nitrogen to produce high-purity oxygen at the gas production outlet.

Difference Between Oxygen Generator System and Ventilator?

Oxygen generator system

Oxygen generator system

Oxygen generator systems can provide oxygen to hospitals and industries. It can meet the needs of hospitals and factories for continuous oxygen supply.



A ventilator is supplied to a patient for use at a time. It is the most popular sleep apnea treatment that provides a rapid solution to pauses in breathing during sleep.

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