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5L Oxygen Concentrator VH5-B

CANTA Medical Brand Oxygen Concentrator delivers oxygen with a concentration of ≥90%. VH5-B is a very cost-effective oxygen concentrator. It meets the needs of most customers to a great extent. It is an oxygen concentrator with a maximum flow rate of up to 5L, and it is very small and light with a net weight of only 14KG. The VH5-B will save you shipping costs, both in terms of weight and volume. VH5-B has approved CE certification. Accurately regulate the flow rate of ±0.1L/min. Small concentrators have large energy. Should not be missed.

Main Features of 5L Oxygen Concentrator VH5-B:

The VH5-B 5L Oxygen Concentrator, produced by Canta Medical, one of the leading 5L oxygen concentrator suppliers in China, is a remarkable device that offers several features that make it stand out from the rest.

  • Compact and Light

VH5-B 5L Oxygen Concentrator is the smallest and lightest 5L medical oxygen concentrator.This makes it extremely portable and convenient for home use, while still meeting the requirements for medical-grade oxygen.

  • Continuous Support

The VH5-B 5L medical oxygen concentrator has the ability to continuously provide 5L of medical-grade oxygen. This makes it suitable for patients with moderate to severe respiratory problems. The device ensures a constant and reliable supply of oxygen, which is crucial for the successful management of respiratory conditions.

  • Low Oxygen Concentration Alarm Function

Equipped with a low oxygen concentration alarm function as standard, VH5-B 5L Oxygen Concentrator can alert the user when the oxygen concentration in the output drops below a certain level. It is a safety measure that ensures the patient receives the appropriate amount of oxygen at all times.

  • Cost-effective and Safe

The VH5-B is also cost-effective, making it the first choice for safe oxygen therapy. It offers an affordable option for patients who need oxygen therapy at home. It eliminates the need for expensive oxygen tanks and refills, making it a practical solution for long-term oxygen therapy.

Oxygen Concentrator 5 Lpm   Oxygen Concentrator 5L

The Excellence Of The VH5-B Oxygen Concentrator

Digital flowmeter, 0.1L/min interval adjustable

Electronic flow meter enables precise control of oxygen output flow

Ultra-low noise, quiet experience.

The ultra-low operating noise does not exceed 48dB, which does not affect the user's sleep.

14KG total weight-easy lift and convenient move.

Lightweight body, Large screen display.When the flow rate is set to 5L, it can continuously output medical-grade oxygen concentration. The actual operation effect has passed CE certification. Optional SPO2 Sensor to experience the blood oxygen function.

5L Oxygen Concentrator VH5-B Specification

Product Name5L Oxygen Concentrator VH5-B
Flow Rate:0.5-5L/min
Working Voltage:AC
Power Consumption:≤285W
Outlet Pressure:0.04-0.08Mpa
Noise Level:≤48dB
Color Dark:(Accept customization)
Standard Function:Low purity alarm, Over heat alarm, Power failure alarm, Timing function, Working hours display
Optional Function:Nebulizer function, SPO2

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