• 20l oxygen concentrator
  • 20l oxygen concentrator 1
  • oxygen concentrator 20l
  • 20l oxygen concentrator
  • 20l oxygen concentrator 1
  • oxygen concentrator 20l

20L Oxygen Concentrator

20L atmospheric pressure:

The original intention of CANTA to design this machine was to make the machine exert more energy. HG20L not only allows multiple people to inhale oxygen at the same time. The customized HG20L can supply oxygen indoors like an air conditioner.

Main Features of 20L Oxygen Concentrator

  • The CANTA Medical brand 20L oxygen concentrator provides oxygen with a concentration of ≥90%.

  • The exterior design looks dignified and beautiful.

  • The unique molecular sieve-filling technology has obtained a practical technology patent.

  • Advanced cooling technology reduces internal temperature.

  • It can be customized for many purposes, and it is an oxygen concentrator not just an oxygen concentrator.

The Excellence Of The Hg20 Oxygen Concentrator

HG20 has many uses

1. With a Splitter, it can provide oxygen to multiple people at the same time, and even adjust the oxygen flow of each person.

2. It can be used as an outdoor oxygen machine to deliver a steady stream of oxygen indoors through customization. Create an oxygen-rich indoor environment.

3. It can be customized into a high-pressure machine. The high-pressure HG20 can be used with medical equipment such as anesthesia machines and ventilators, and has very high medical value.

Super clear screen

Large screen indicator light. The operation is very simple, the flow is manually adjusted, and the scale is clear.

20L Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

Product Name:20L Oxygen Concentrator
Flow Rate:0-20L/min
Working Voltage:AC
Power Consumption:≤1100W
Outlet Pressure:0.04-0.08Mpa
Noise Level:≤62dB
Color:Grey (Accept customization)

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