The simulated altitude training hypoxic generator is portable, useful, comfortable, and quiet, often used to enhance the performances of athletes. It stimulates athletes' bodies to produce more blood cells. Nowadays, this machine is quickly accepted by many coaches and athletes all over the world.

Simulated Altitude Training Hypoxic Generator For Sale

3L Hypoxic Generator
3L Hypoxic Generator
The device oxygen flow is 3L/min.
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10L Hypoxic Generator
10L Hypoxic Generator
The oxygen flow is 10L/min, and the maximum flowrate of hypoxic oxygen is around 100L-120L
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40L Hypoxic Generator
40L Hypoxic Generator
This device is usually used for decrease the purity of a room in order to simulate altitude trainings environment.
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Who Uses Simulated Altitude Training Hypoxic Generator?

01 Athletes

Athletes use the machines to increase the efficiency of oxygen uptake, getting better performance.

02 People who go to high altitude

If some people want to travel to a high-altitude place, they can use it to acclimatize to the environment beforehand.

03 Health care people

Some people use it to keep physical wellness. Doctors and epidemiologists discover people who live at high altitudes have decreased occurrences of many chronic diseases.

What Do People Use Simulated Altitude Training Hypoxic Generator For?

What Do People Use Simulated Altitude Training Hypoxic Generator For?

People use simulated altitude training hypoxic generators for many reasons. It can improve sporting performance, keep peak fitness, and decrease occurrences of chronic diseases.

FAQs of Simulated Altitude Training Hypoxic Generator

What is altitude hypoxic training?

Altitude hypoxic training is a training that makes athletes do trains in a hypoxic environment to increase the efficiency of oxygen uptake.

What are the benefits of altitude training?

Altitude training has the advantages of improving performance, adopting the environment, keeping healthy, etc.

How long do the effects of training at altitude last?

Unfortunately, the positive effects are lost when the athletes return to lower elevations. The effects are lost in about 15 days.

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