A hard hyperbaric chamber a kind of chamber that has a fixed size and is a specialized medical device designed to create a high-pressure environment to treat various medical conditions. Unlike a soft hyperbaric chamber, which is made of flexible material, a hard hyperbaric chamber is made of a rigid, durable material such as steel or aluminum. The hard shell hyperbaric chamber is steel-enclosed so it has better leakproofness. It can deliver 93%±3% oxygen in atmospheric pressures above 1.5 ATA environment. 

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Hard Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

Lying Type Hard Hyperbaric Chamber
Lying Type Hard Hyperbaric Chamber
A kind of hard type hyperbaric chamber that only hold one person at a time.
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Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber
Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber
This chamber can hold more than one person at a time so they can do HBOT simultaneously.
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Hard Hyperbaric Chamber VS Soft Hyperbaric Chamber

01 More Functional

The hard hyperbaric chamber is more functional than the soft hyperbaric chamber, it could achieve some functions such as the inner control panel, and talk back function which provides a better user experience.

02 More durable

The hard hyperbaric chamber is more durable than the soft hyperbaric chamber because of its material.

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