The high pressure oxygen concentrator can provide a high pressure oxygen, it is widely used in hospital, industry, aquaculture and water treatment.

High Pressure Oxygen Concentrator For Sale

0.4mpa (4 Bar) Oxygen Concentrator
0.4mpa (4 Bar) Oxygen Concentrator
It produces big pressure oxygen of 0.4Mpa(4 bar), usually used in the hospital's central system or connecting with an anesthesia machine.
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0.1mpa (1 Bar) Oxygen Concentrator
0.1mpa (1 Bar) Oxygen Concentrator
It creates a bigger oxygen pressure of 0.1Mpa(1 bar), used for hospitals, industry, and so on.
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0.137mpa (20psi) Oxygen Concentrator
0.137mpa (20psi) Oxygen Concentrator
It could meet the requirements of customized pressure 0.137Mpa(20 PSI).
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Who Should Use High Pressure Oxygen Concentrator?

01 Using Area

High pressure oxygen concentrator is widely used in hospital central system, connecting with anesthesia machine, industry, aquaculture and water treatment.

02 Hospital

High-pressure oxygen is widely used in the hospital's central system, it is also used to connect with anesthesia machines to provide oxygen resources in surgery.

03 Aquaculture

High-pressure oxygen could successfully provide oxygen in the pond, which greatly improves the survival rate of fish.

What Is A High Pressure Oxygen Machine?

What Is A High Pressure Oxygen Machine?

the normal pressure of an oxygen concentrator is 0.04-0.08Mpa. A high-pressure oxygen machine means devices produce a pressure higher than it. It usually produces a pressure of 0.1Mpa, 0.137Mpa, and 0.4Mpa, and even pressure above.

FAQs of High Pressure Oxygen Concentrator

Does an oxygen concentrator make 100% oxygen?

It usually provide oxygen above 90%.

What is the flow rate for an high pressure oxygen concentrator?

The flow rate of a high-pressure oxygen concentrator could be 10L, 20L, and above.

What is the pressure of oxygen concentrator?

0.1Mpa, 0.137Mpa or 0.4Mpa.

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