1. Why Do You Need A Portable Oxygen Generator?

Most COPD patients use home-based oxygen generators to get oxygen supplements. The desktop oxygen generator is bulky, heavy, and has a limited place to use. It can only be plugged in at home, but can't go out. For people with long-term cardiopulmonary insufficiency, it takes a long time to take oxygen, even 24 hours without oxygen. The desktop oxygen generator limits their freedom of travel, and once they leave the oxygen, they will have asthma and chest tightness. The appearance of portable oxygen generators has effectively solved this series of problems.

Whether the elderly, sick, or pregnant women need to go out for activities; Or white-collar workers and friends who want to travel outdoors, portable oxygen generators can easily cope with it. Its body is small, light, and easy to carry; One machine is dual-purpose, it can be used at home, when going out, and on the plateau. Comes with a detachable battery, fully charged and worry-free; Driving, car charging, charging, and using; At the same time, it is equipped with a shoulder bag and backpack, which can meet all your needs.


2. The Difference Between Portable Oxygen Generator And Other Oxygen Concentrators

The portable oxygen generator is different from the desktop oxygen generator in the way of oxygen supply. The portable oxygen generator adopts a pulse oxygen supply, and 3-liter /4-liter /5-liter /6-liter can be selected as needed, which is equivalent to the desktop oxygen generator. Sensitive breathing, ensuring human-machine coordination and enjoying comfortable oxygen therapy effect. To a great extent, it provides convenience for people who want to go out and need oxygen. They can get rid of the shackles, go out of the house, and have a wonderful life again. Oxygen therapy makes life better!