Practice shows that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is suitable for more than 100 kinds of diseases, and there are about 40 kinds with the most application and the best effect in practice. In a high-pressure environment, oxygen inhalation can greatly increase the partial pressure of blood oxygen and the content of blood oxygen, and correct tissue hypoxia as soon as possible, so it can cure diseases. Secondly, it can improve microcirculation, promote the establishment of collateral circulation, and improve the brain tissue in the blood supply range of blocked blood vessels. Besides, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also improve human immunity and sub-health status.


1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Relaxation

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps to improve sleep.

Sleep is an important physiological process. If people don't get enough sleep, it will inevitably lead to an increase in oxygen consumption in the brain, resulting in relative hypoxia. People are excited when they are mildly hypoxic, and the exciting result will in turn affect their sleep. Finally, they fall into a vicious circle of insomnia-hypoxia-insomnia. Oxygen inhalation can break this strange circle and give you a sweet night.

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps to relieve fatigue.

There are many reasons for fatigue, most of which are related to lack of oxygen. Oxygen can promote metabolism, facilitate the digestion and absorption of food, and change them into the energy (ATP) needed by the human body in time so that we can maintain abundant physical strength or energy.

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is helpful to beautify skin.

Under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply, the life of sweat glands or sebaceous glands can be prolonged, thus keeping the skin shiny and smooth. The elasticity of the skin is related to the tension of the skin and the condition of subcutaneous fat, and oxygen helps to keep this tension.

2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Repairing

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps to relieve drunkenness.

The metabolism of ethanol is carried out in the liver. In the process of metabolic oxidation, oxygen is indispensable, and energy is released at the same time, so a lot of oxygen is needed to decompose alcohol in the body. After drinking, there is more or less a state of relative lack of oxygen, which helps to relieve drunkenness.

Using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps to eliminate the harm caused by smoking.

The smoke produced by smoking contains carbon monoxide, which competes with oxygen for hemoglobin receptors after entering the human body, and its binding force with hemoglobin is about 200 times greater than that of oxygen. In the case of sufficient oxygen, the dissociation of carboxyhemoglobin can be accelerated, and thus the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin can be restored. Therefore, for people who smoke at ordinary times, if they can live or work in an oxygen-rich environment, or intermittently take oxygen regularly, the harm caused by smoking can be reduced.

3. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Diseases

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is helpful to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases seriously threaten human health and are common and frequently-occurring diseases in clinics. Many of them are related to ischemia and hypoxia, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, cerebral blood supply insufficiency, cerebral infarction, etc. Long-term chronic hypoxia is one of the causes, and regular oxygen inhalation can delay or alleviate the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases to a certain extent.

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps to alleviate the anoxic state of respiratory diseases.

Any disease of the respiratory system will lead to the insufficiency or exchange disorder of lungs in the same period, such as tracheitis, asthma, snoring, etc., as a result, the amount of oxygen entering the body is reduced, resulting in hypoxia. Oxygen inhalation can make up for this hypoxia to some extent, and reduce the incidence of various hypoxic diseases caused by lung diseases.

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps to improve human immunity.

Human immunity includes cellular immunity and humoral immunity. When the oxygen supply is sufficient, it is beneficial to the production of immune substances and enhances the activity of immune substances. Therefore, it can well resist the invasion of foreign pathogenic microorganisms.

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is conducive to the recovery of sub-health and improves work efficiency.

The brain needs a continuous supply of oxygen when it finishes its work, and mental work determines that it needs more oxygen than ordinary work. In the long run, the body will be in a state of relative hypoxia, often feeling dizzy, irritable, sleepy, memory decline, etc. Oxygen will make your thinking more agile, your mind more responsive, and help to improve your work efficiency.

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps to prolong life and delay aging.

The main pathological feature of aging is the aging of the heart, liver, spleen, and kidney. This natural aging is related to organ function decline. Oxygen can promote metabolism and enhance organ function.

Using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is helpful to prevent and treat senile dementia.

Alzheimer's disease is a common chronic progressive mental decline disease, and most of its causes are directly or indirectly related to ischemia and hypoxia. Neurology experts have also confirmed that Alzheimer's disease is related to chronic cerebral ischemia and hypoxia after years of research.

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps to alleviate the symptoms of hypoxia at high altitudes.

China has a vast territory, and people living in plateau areas are more vulnerable to ischemic and hypoxic diseases. Oxygen inhalation is undoubtedly the best health protection measure.