From October 28 to 31, the 88th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a leader in the field of oxygen production in China, Canta Medical was invited to participate in the exhibition, continue to enrich the content, show the cutting-edge results of oxygen production in the whole scene to global customers, and the star products of each production line gain international attention.



             A glimpse of Canta Medical at the Exhibition

             Scientific and technological innovation and humanistic care


Canta medical booth with a very humanistic, green, scientific and technological display effect, become a popular focus of the scene.

Enter the exhibition hall, blue and white space layout, open a clear and cheerful oxygen picture, in the exhibition hall, Canta medical oxygen concentrator, hyperbaric chamber, high altitude oxygen production and other star products distribution display, to the global guests to show the industry's leading product front; The results of oxygen production in the whole scene of Canta medical treatment are displayed in the interactive form of sound, painting and shape in the exhibition hall, which attracts people to stop and watch; The twenty years of development of Canta medical treatment is presented successively, and every great progress is a long song of science and technology to the good.


                A glimpse of Canta Medical at the Exhibition II

               Cutting-edge results and shared development



As a leader in the field of oxygen production in China, Canta Medical showed its cutting-edge innovation results to customers at home and abroad at the exhibition, and won extensive attention from guests and merchants at the exhibition.

Canta medical family full range of oxygen products and oxygen chamber, dispersion oxygen products are displayed in them. Canta micro-pressure oxygen chamber is suitable for improving sub-health status, repairing damaged cells, assisting physical therapy for diseases, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, restoring alkaline constitution, regulating body immunity, promoting microcirculation, etc. It is the most cutting-edge oxygen therapy oxygen health care product line in China. Canta medical dispersion oxygen production line is widely used in plateau oxygen supply, confined space oxygen supply, hospital equipment oxygen supply scene, to meet the demand for panoramic oxygen supply, product force, service force and industrial scale ranked in the industry leader, reached a number of cooperation intentions at the exhibition.


Canta medical Exhibition overview Ⅲ

Partners and foreign merchants





The exhibition, the Canta medical exhibition area exploded in popularity and achieved fruitful results, reached several cooperation contracts on the scene, many enterprises and individuals expressed their intention to further explore specific cooperation with Canta medical, and the site visitor flow exceeded 100,000 people.

Canta medical exhibition glimpse Ⅳ

Cultivate the present and layout the future



Standing at a new starting point, Canta Medical closely follows the development trend of international respiratory diagnosis and treatment equipment, and carefully cultivates the industrial layout. At present, the Canta Medical respiratory rehabilitation Industrial Park has been officially put into production, becoming the country's premier respiratory rehabilitation industrial base. In the future, Canta Medical will continue to promote the upgrading of brand services from the perspective of the most beneficial to users, and provide Chinese families with more professional and convenient oxygen therapy oxygen health care services.