The signing ceremony of Shenyang Canta Medical Tech Co., Ltd and Duilongdeqing district, Tibet is held as scheduled in Shenyang on Tuesday.

Mimaciren, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, District Governor of Duilongdeqing District, Dawaciren, Deputy District Governor of Duilongdeqing District and other working groups, Zhu Xiaobo, Chairman of Shenyang Canta Medical Tech Co., Ltd, Bian Jiang, Executive Deputy General of Shenyang Canta Medical Tech Co., Ltd, and other key responsible persons of the company attended the signing ceremony. Liu Wei, Standing Committee Member and Executive Vice Mayor of Shenyang Shenbei New District Government, and other relevant leaders were invited to attend and witness this historical moment together.


The working groups of Duilongdeqing district inspected Canta respiratory and rehabilitation production base, visiting the production workshop, injection molding workshop, oxygen generating workshop, and machine workshop. Canta Medical and the working group of Duilongdeqing district conducted in-depth exchanges about future cooperation.


It is learned that Canta respiratory and rehabilitation production base was constructed officially in 2020 and intended to invest 300 million yuan. Canta's respiratory and rehabilitation production base covers 80 mu, including high-end industrial research, manufacture, installment, and storage. If the project is finished and delivered up to standards, the annual output of Canta will be more than 800000 units predictably.


In this communication, the working group expressed that the Duilongdeqing district committee and government value this cooperation and expected Canta Medical positively promotes the project, taking hold and integrating into the Duilongdeqing district. In the meanwhile, the working group also expected that both parties will promote strategic cooperation in the wide fields in the future, achieving win-win cooperation at a higher level.

In response, Zhu Xiaobo, the Chairman of Shenyang Canta Medical Tech co., Ltd, expressed that Canta has progressed achievement in brand construction based on increasing the subscriber base and firm reputation during the cultivation and development of nearly 20 years as a domestic high-end oxygen concentrator brand representation. Canta Medical will take this signing as a starting point, opening the second phase brand development road, achieving the breakthrough and development of the Canta oxygen brand in all-scene oxygen fields, and making Canta’s mark in the Chinese own oxygen brand development and revitalization.


Canta Medical believed that our cooperation will get great achievements and mutual benefits and win-win results under the support of the Duilongdeqing district committee and government.