Types of hypoxic generators for simulating high altitude training

3L hypoxic generator

The hypoxic generator produces a strong stream of low oxygen air, which is used for high altitude adaptation, intermittent hypoxic training (IHT), hypoxic exercise (HX), sleeping tents, and high altitude rooms.

10L hypoxic generator

The hypoxic generator simulates a low oxygen environment. When the body is exposed to low oxygen air, it produces new red blood cells to increase oxygen delivery. When you need it, more red blood cells in your body mean more oxygen to your muscles, which improves speed, endurance, and strength.

40L hypoxic generator

Regardless of whether you are an endurance athlete, sprinter, mountaineer, or someone trying to achieve health goals, simulating high altitude training with a hypoxic generator can provide you with higher levels of effect.

Who uses hypoxic generators for simulating high altitude training?


Athletes use machines to improve their oxygen uptake efficiency and achieve better results.

People going to high altitudes

If some people want to travel to high altitude places, they can use it to prepare their bodies for the environment.

Healthcare workers

Some people use it to maintain their physical health. Doctors and epidemiologists have found that people who live in high altitude areas have reduced the occurrence of many chronic diseases.

What do people do with hypoxic generators for simulating high altitude training?

There are many reasons why people use hypoxic generators for simulating high altitude training. It can improve athletic performance, maintain optimal physical fitness, and reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases.

Common questions about hypoxic generators for simulating high altitude training

What is high altitude hypoxic training?

High altitude hypoxic training is training for athletes to increase their oxygen uptake efficiency in a low-oxygen environment.

What are the benefits of high altitude training?

High altitude training has the advantages of improving performance, adapting to the environment, and maintaining health.

How long does the effect of high altitude training last?

Unfortunately, when athletes return to low altitude areas, the positive effects disappear. The effect disappears within about 15 days.

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