What is an oxygen gas generator?

An oxygen gas generator, also known as an oxygen concentrator, is commonly used in industrial fields such as aviation, petrochemicals, and marine industries. With this device, oxygen can be extracted from the air, and oxygen can be directly produced at the site of oxygen use.

Oxygen generator equipment

The necessary equipment to ensure the safety of personnel in enclosed spaces is an oxygen supply device. Chemical oxygen source oxygen supply equipment, liquid oxygen supply equipment, and electrolytic water oxygen supply equipment are generally used devices, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Solid oxygen gas generator

A solid oxygen gas generator is a chemical oxygen supply equipment that uses a chemical oxygen-producing agent as an oxygen source. Its advantages include no need for external power during use, a larger oxygen storage capacity per unit volume, and a compact size. It is typically used in small enclosed spaces such as submarine compartments, underground enclosed tunnels, and spacecraft, especially in spaces that cannot supply sufficient power or electricity.

Electrolytic water oxygen supply equipment

Electrolytic water oxygen supply equipment requires the consumption of electricity during operation. While oxygen is produced, hydrogen is also produced, which is a significant disadvantage for enclosed spaces. However, after improvements, this technology is now widely used in large spaces such as submarines, aerospace, and chemical industries.

Liquid oxygen tank oxygen supply equipment

Liquid oxygen tank oxygen supply equipment is easy to operate, requires little to no consumption of electricity during operation, and produces oxygen with high purity. However, it needs to be stored at a temperature below negative 183 degrees Celsius, and conventional technology implementation is challenging. At the same time, it also does not have sufficient oxygen storage capacity, so it is not suitable for large space oxygen supply.

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