Compared with conventional oxygen chambers, a soft oxygen chamber has the following characteristics.


1. The Soft Hyperbaric Chamber Is Portable

Conventional hyperbaric chamber covers a large area, complicated equipment, and bulky system equipment. The mobile hyperbaric chamber needs to be installed by special vehicles and ships with large transportation equipment, which is difficult to meet the requirements of a quick emergency start-up. The soft hyperbaric chamber is made of dense composite gas, which is light in material and can be placed in a backpack or suitcase. The air compressor and oxygen concentrator are light and compact, so it is very convenient for a single person to carry.

2. The Soft Hyperbaric Chamber Is Safe.

Most of the soft oxygen tanks use air pressurized masks to absorb oxygen, so the oxygen concentration in the tanks is safe and controllable, which reduces potential safety hazards. The cabin material is made of polyether thermoplastic polyurethane composite cloth, which is widely used in medicine, firefighting, and national defense industries. It has the characteristics of flame retardancy, wear resistance, cold resistance, and good elasticity, and ensures the safe use of a soft hyperbaric chamber in complex environments.

3. The Soft Oxygen Chamber Is Practical

The soft hyperbaric chamber is convenient to transport, occupies a small area after deployment, is not limited by the environment, and can be used in ships, vehicles, and other environments. The soft hyperbaric chamber is easier to operate and can be operated independently by a single person. The pressurization can be completed in a few minutes at the fastest, and oxygen inhalation can be started after entering the cabin, which greatly saves time. Patients and their families can use it skillfully after simple teaching, and mild patients can even receive oxygen therapy in the community or at home.